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The Simpler, Safer Way to Pay and Get Paid. Sign Up for an Account for Free. PayPal [ˈpeɪˌpæl] (Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) (engl., wörtlich Bezahlfreund, angelehnt an pen pal, Brieffreund) ist ein börsennotierter Betreiber eines. › company › paypal. We're proud to work here. You will be too. PayPal is headquartered in San Jose, California and its international headquarters is located in Singapore. More. PayPal-Bürofotos auf Glassdoor. PayPal Headquarters.

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PayPal-Bürofotos auf Glassdoor. PayPal Headquarters. › company › paypal. Mit PayPal einfach und sicher bargeldlos bezahlen, Zahlungen empfangen & Geld senden. Profitieren auch Sie vom Käuferschutz & Verkäuferschutz. I contacted the company and was told they would correct their mistake. PayPal Complaints When your web site responds 1x1 Ausdrucken an error message indicating Qasar Gaing credit cards have not been accepted, you should give the exact reason. Stay away from this middle people This way they are not prompted for The Dark Knight Rises on another page. From Wikipedia, the free Denkspiele Deutsch. It had no success with that business model, however, so switched its focus to a digital wallet. Pay Pal Headquarters Investments PayPal Aktie - PayPal Logo vor Firmen Headquarter. Eines unserer Kerninvestments haben wir bisher nicht ausführlich vorgestellt. Paypal Headquarter. Eigenständiges Unternehmen: Paypal. (Quelle: shutterstock​.com/Ken Wolter). Bereits am ersten Tag seiner Aktivitäten an. Beiträge – Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos an, die hier aufgenommen wurden: PayPal Headquarters San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley). Mit PayPal einfach und sicher bargeldlos bezahlen, Zahlungen empfangen & Geld senden. Profitieren auch Sie vom Käuferschutz & Verkäuferschutz. à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. Boulevard Royal L Luxembourg E-Mail: [email protected] (Email Anfragen zu Ihrem individuellen PayPal Konto können.

Today I asked for the contact information for their CEO, they refused to give it to me citing security reasons. Is he hiding because of his poor business practices?

Never again will I do business with such a horrible company. The corporate office phone number included here is incorrect. I have been trying for two hours to get a proper phone number for the corporate office and have not been successful.

The customer service personel will not help in any way to resolve a problem or create a solution. I will also inform my , customer service training students against using Ebay or Paypal and will inform all my business clients, which hold the Paypal credit card to close their accounts immediately.

I reviewed feedback going back to , most of which is negative. I am curious, is Paypal going to do something about these varied complaints?

I am not liking what I read. I have had nothing but crap with my online account for over a YEAR, but have been unable to get it fixed. The so-called "help desk" people even argue with me over saying that the problem is fixed when I'm calling to report the problem.

I just got burned by Pay Pal I am going on line to do as much damage as possible, and you are right phucking bas Their customer service is basically non existent.

They make money on folks like us and take your money with no qualms about doing the right thing or being fair and running organizations that should be closed down.

Paypal is as bad as Ebay, if not worse and they were started by the same people who have a "greedy" mentality. I am a merchant and got completely screwed by a customer.

Paypal is a bunch of lazy bums. They take my money, charge me fees, but will not lift a finger to help me get the money that is owed TO ME from a scam artist.

Paypal representatives and paypal as a corporation are criminal at best. They have officially frozen an account of mine and refuse to tell me why it was limited, claiming, that information is proprietary and they don't share it with customers.

They money is for an iPhone that I delivered and sold to a service, who paid me after receipt of the phone. How is this legal?

That's what they did to me. They claimed if they told me why it would reveal trade secrets! I agree! This is the same situation I am dealing with and they just don't care.

Corporate greed that does not back 1 thing they say while you are on hold for hours trying to speak with a very unfriendly staff.

Has anyone everyone tried getting a hold of the big cahoonas!! I cant seem to get past the lispy sqeaky voice fraudulent ones stealing from those big guys.

Just had a sleazy experience with their subsidiary - "Bill Me Later," that prevents you from contacting them while you're getting glitched on their application process.

As a result, I ended up as someone making application while I was actually trying to prevent them from processing a glitched up application form.

The problems in getting cooperation in trying to prevent any difficulties with an excellent credit history only increased with each effort. Sleazy company that appears to live up to the reputation I see their parent company - Pay Pal, has achieved with its customers.

I am a disabled vet living on a very fixed income. They refuse to give me any info to contact there corporate office. I will be letting the Department of Veterans Affairs, and strongly suggest the inform all veterans of thererefusal to help.

Beware of Paypal. Stay away from this middle people Just use your credit card, and if anything goes wrong, they will protect you.

There are forms to file a complaint on the State of California Dept. I also had my account limited after selling a pair of sunglasses and a laptop.

Both were delivered and positive feedback was left by both buyers. After calling paypal, they told me that their system said I was a fraud risk, and are holding my money for days, then they will release my funds, and close my account.

Then the guy on the phone said that I will not be able to use PayPal ever again. He never wanted to say what I did wrong. Randy, I have joined the ranks of non-served paypal clients.

There must be a way to combat such treatment! Paypal has horrible customer service and their products aren't very effective in the real world of finance.

I misplaced my debit card and thought it lost so I cancelled it. When I applied for a new one, my birth year was incorrect on the PayPal pop-up application.

I corrected the year error and PayPal "restricted" my account. They are keeping my money unless I can provide a utility bill.

However, my utilities are included in my rent and I cannot provide a bill. I have sent my SS card, my driver's license and passport.

I have requested to be asked "Security Questions" but that is not an option. I am frustrated and if it is not resolved, going to sue and will win, in Small Claims Court.

I intend to charge for my time, inconvenience, and loss of income from ebay activity. Get on the bandwagon and due the same thing, folks.

This is not right. Why on earth would you send "Anyone" your "SS card, driver's license and passport. Especially a company like PayPal.

Have you ever heard of "Identity Theft"??? I share your pain Bonnie,somehow when i moved i lost my card somewhere in my desk. All good right?

I can use my card I can't send the money into my account and there corporate numbers is out of service. Try calling the Attorney General's Office in your State and filing a complaint.

Many companies just ignore the customer, knowing the effort and costs it takes to make things right. Use every avenue to cause them to respond.

Be sure to file a complaint with the BBB, as well. They have corporate lawyers, and will just lift it up to higher court, so that you have to hire a lawyer and go through the whole legal process.

It's true, the more money you have is who will win. They can keep it from going to court until you have no money left. They pay their lawyers anyway So it's not worth it.

Corporations suck! PayPal kept my money for almost a month, even though both seller and me, the buyer agreed to cancel the transaction.

Well maybe that's ok for Paypal, because they can use my money, but it's not ok for me. It's my money, and they should not be able to hold it like they do.

Someone has to do something about that. When someone calls, the Paypal agent should walk them through how to cancel the item, then automatically refund the money.

This is a major concern for me. If there was another service, I would cancel PayPal and go with them. They really need to take a good hard look at themselves, and realize Karma is going to get them in the end.

No matter how hard I tried to contact them, their customer service people are absolutely useless. No one want to know.

The money I lost was to pay for some cancer medicine. I also cannot work due to my cancer, but it doesn't worry them. I live in New Zealand.

I am still going to try and get it back though. It would be nice if they could just get some damn staff that speak good old plain English for once.

Then we might get somewhere. I thought I was the only one concerned that while the paypal customer base is predominantly english speaking, paypal employees either don't speak the language well or are simply useless examples of american slackers who happened to find customer service jobs to annoy all the ppl who actually speak good english and make important decisions each day.

I have been a customer of Ebay and PayPal for over 7 years. I sold three items over the weekend and when I went to my PayPal account they had a hold on my account because I allegedly have "a high level of risk associated with your account.

Ebay and paypal set an arbitrary number of 25 for seller transactions. This is a fraud and solely for the purpose of holding customers money so they can make money with the money from interest and overnight currency trades.

The also force you to use PayPal to buy the postage to get your money sooner. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I suggest everyone who has been abused by this uncaring behemoth of a corporation do the same.

Well I too will be cancelling my account after the biggest waste of an hour of life spent talking to PayPal customer service.

I do not transfer cash funds into PayPal. They confirmed that my account is setup to first draw from my paypal account, then from the bank and lastly from my credit card.

So there should never be a problem with funds. Well what a surprise I got today when I went to use PayPal and found out my account was not available for use.

Because I had an open balance due from an earlier order. They did not use my bank or credit card to pay that balance. When I asked customer service why not, they said I had some cash in the account from a refund I received so they used those funds and then put a hold on my account until I manually move the money.

Three different people in customer service advised me that if I had a zero balance in the account there would not have been a problem.

They advised me that in the future when I get a refund I should logon and transfer it to my bank. When you're done talking reasoning, use something else or other meanings to talk to them to emphasize your voice.

A loud bang is the best way for the world to hear you. If you have nothing to lose, make them hear you via national channels like CNN, Breaking news I don't like violence but in cases where they treated you like shit, be a man and fight back.

Paypal is now laundering money for other countries that are selling Virtual products. As per Paypal, you are now allowed to sell Non Working Virtual products and Paypal will stand behind you, the merchant.

Hi Everyone, I too facing same scenrio.. These customer reps answering arrogantly with careless replies.. I have tried everything.. Complained to cyber police and now dealing wit FTC I request please dont use paypal for transactions.

I had a customer dispute what we charged him. We had the documentation to show he was billed appropriately. Paypay froze our entire account - triple the amount this person is disputing.

Now how is that right? I could see the amount being disputed but not triple it! This is in the 5 figures, so a lot of money which we need for our business.

Please start an Internet uprising for fair practices. File a complaint with the Attorney General in your state. Its easy. PayPal needs to go.

I am an American and absolutely refuse to discuss my personal or account information with Foreign Nationals. I don't mean to offend those folks, but I've had my identity stolen twice, so I have the right to be cautious.

I have made phone calls to several Corporate Office Representatives with both PayPal and eBay but could get no help or response. Time for all Americans to step up to the plate and say no to Outsourcing by these wealthy Corporate Americans, who are based in the U.

Write to the Office of the U. Use the head not the mouth.. Then you might not need our support! PayPal did not even investigate my dispute-claim.

I am filing a civil suit as to there breach of contract and damages. They will never see a dime of the money disputed as well. This is gonna cost them thousands!!!!

I would like to know if anyone has started a class action against them. I shipped large items by sea at the customers request and while the items were in the warehouse getting packed for the container, the buyer in Taiwan filed a claim with paypal and funds were held.

Paypal now tells me that I should ask the buyer to re-send the funds and then I can release the bill of lading.

What if he can somehow get the items without the bill of lading? Paypal forces you to carry on just as they do. This is the problem in this sorry excuse of a Country.

No one cares until the corporate BS knocks on their door and most of the people you have to deal with at ebay and Paypal are robots!.

So I have to hope that this buyer in Taiwan is honest. If anyone here knows of an attorney who is filing a suit please let me know who and I will join in.

However if no one has done this then I will set up a site where everyone can register with a link to an attorney. These SOB's only understand two things!

Profit and loss! And they have made much profit off us but due to bad service, its time they experience loss. Just so you all know I am serious, I am posting only now as anonymous due to the limited choices but will in the next two days set up a site and some way for you all to file your complaint so please people, make sure you can document your complaint as this is how court cases are won.

My name is LeRoy and I will check back to see if I can either join a suit or will post contact info on a site I will set up in two days.

I will be seeking a blood sucking attorney to represent all who wish to join in a class action suit. Add another voice to the crowd - it's as if they're a giant turtle, and they just haul their head in, and treat you like a non existent "thing" The recently did the same thing to me.

Four of the five customer service reps told me it was a "glitch in their system" they don't know why it happened or how it happened.

Every time I call they tell me my money will be refunded to me in 24 hours, then next time 24 - 48 hours. In the interim they scooped a deposit that hit my account and now I have no leverage.

Essentially they have stole from me. Did your situation ever get resolved? Do you have any recommendations? Now once you go past your spending limit you either have to use your bank account or open their credit card account, can no longer use your own credit card.

Good luck trying to close your account. I have been trying for 2 weeks and they wont let me close it. I have no outstanding balance, I just want the account closed.

We never received it back paypal gave the money back to the buyer with no proof of damage. We will never use ebay or paypal again.

I wondered if you got legal council regarding Paypal. I've had a problem with them for over two years. Wait a minute--what did that have to do with me?

Anyway, I've been using Skrill for Ebay sales and it's tough as most people don't want to sign up for another service. Did you get a lawyer?

Dear Pay-Pal: I waited over 4 minutes to speak to a customer representative after confirming my telephone number and by giving the last 4 digits of my credit card which has nothing to do with my inquiry.

I just wanted to see if there was anyway to deposit monies into my pay-pal account as it is not legal to transfer monies from your bank account into the pay-pal account.

If the only way to transfer monies is by credit card, pay-pal would not be as sucessful as in the states.

Because of this problem, pay-pal is not that popular in Japan. The system of making an inquiry needs to be improved in Japan because most people will not wait for over 4 minutes to be heard by a customer service representative.

Pay-pal is a good concept, but is lacks service in customer service. One note: Yahoo auction is popular here in Japan, and do not use pay-pal payment service.

The form of payment is done by credit card, bank wire-transfer or by payment on delivery by Japan Post or by shipping companies like Yamato, Nittsu and etc.

The e-bay vendors do not realize that you cannot deposit monies into the pay-pal account from your bank account. However, there is a legal way to transfer monies into the pay-pal account here in Japan.

I found this information surfing on the net. Try waiting over 1 hour to get resolution to the problem. I spent over 1 hour trying to get my money back, I was promised it would be within 24 hours, it took them over 72 hours.

None of the representatives I spoke to really understood English. Even when a supervisor promises to make it right and would call me back the following day, she never did.

I've used PayPal for over 14 years for numerous transactions. I've contacted the company once, and again, not a problem.

Hmmm, makes me wonder about these comments. I used to be one of those people who wondered what all the fuss was about until recently. I'm now still waiting for my account to be unfrozen, all because I applied to be a PayPal Here Merchant.

Account frozen, despite sending multiple proof of who I am and verification of addresses. Still they have my account frozen.

Never had a problem before, not risking it in the future. My name is Don Anthony and I believe this to be one of the most corrupt and unethical companies doing business online.

I recommend using anything but PayPal. I have to agree with the posts I have read here. I have been a customer of theirs for over 12 years and every few years they come up with something else trying to change the way you do business to throw in more "gotchas" for them to take a larger piece of the pie.

They recently stopped processing payments I made through and AA card and forced me to apply for the Paypal card.

I did, then did not use it, then they cancelled the card for lack of use and at the same time locked my account even when I still had the AA card online and been using it exclusively for 8 years and NEVER ONCE used their card they forced me to sign up for.

If this was not the only service that ebay supports, they would be long gone from my list of past services. It's like playing a lottery, My attorney will be filing a case against paypal in 11th cirquit in Florida.

I have a very good track record and reputation. Ebay has returned their fees to me, thank you. First St. He knew that. All I can do on Ebay is post a short postscript to that feed back.

Who is going to read that when the feed back is already positive. What if this guy has done this before? You have no way for me to initiate an inquiry?

Other than maybe, in writing. This is wrong. I sold the cards in good faith. I sent the cards in good faith and now I have have been ripped off by someone.

No one loses but me. Where is your sellers protection? I am retired and living on a very limited income. Ebay is a way for me to make a little extra to supplement my income.

This is important to me. I wait to hear in writing what both you at Paypal and Ebay have to say. This is VERY unfair. I had a chargeback from a transaction 6 weeks ago.

They treat you like a criminal!!! The only way they will change their policy is when people decide to leave! No longer my I have been severely speech impaired in the past.

Their voice system is impossible to navigate. I was told the word "agent" will by-pass all the voice response prompts. It's funny how they let big business screw over everyone else.

I just want to strangle the CEO of paypal right now.. Please tell me the toll free number for contact in hyd number.

I want to contact with them for solve one issue. I am in agreement with all above! Very pissed off seller! Ups credibility sucks they care more about numbers and money than employees and customers, they cut my hours and pay rate when I complained they fired me after 11 years of outstanding performance on the job, I filed a grievance for back pay and to return to work and the panel agreed that I should return to work with back pay, I've been out of work since Dec - July and I'm still waiting for UPS to honor the panel decision, them being a union company doesn't even matter cause the union work with Ups instead of the employees that pay them.

Ups is not a good company to work for they just work u half to death then drop u like yesterday's trash for cheaper labor. I lost every thing that I earned over the time of working with Ups now I'm homeless.

Paypal sucks! They hide behind computers and phones and will not protect you against international fraud.

Do not use paypal, you will find yourself battling them to try to get any information once the fraud is completed. You will feel like the criminal.

It only takes a few minutes. I am also going to file a complaint with the Attorney General in Delaware and California. Mr David Marcus, President, PayPal I have been a paypal customer for many years and have been happy with the service until recently.

I was told it is and violates the terms of contract. Please show me where exactly this statement is written. I have two residence, one in the USA and one in Asia.

Recently my account status had changed. Your system flagged my account. I do not have any control over what server my VPN company uses.

But doesn't that defeat the purpose of using a VPN? A VPN connection is used for privacy. Although my account problem has been resolved, I am preplexed by the explanation.

As the security of the internet becomes more complex, customers and inviduals such as myself and millions of others will have to protect our own privacy.

Such as Paypal needs to protect their privacy, we need to protect ours. What is the corporate information Phone number ect. Paypal allows people to steal, by permitting 'buyers' to claim their account was used fradualntly to order and paypal and item, a mere day or so after marked shipped, and Paypal issues the refund with NO requirement that 'buyer' even communicate to seller first, or at all, permitting this theft as 'buyer' fails to respond to any of seller's communications.

I have just sold a number of items on ebay and the buyers have paid, yet Paypal will not release the funds to me simply stating 'you are a risk' because you have not sold anything recently.

Not a chance, corrupt? They will not respond to emails about this activity. They aid and abet ebay thieves who claim never to have received an item, who then force you to issue a refund of any monies paid.

How can such a criminal organization become so pervasive and accepted, slipping through the cracks of financial governance by governments?

Applies to the ISA and Canada for sure. I contacted the vendor and then registered the complaint with PayPal, after which it was a matter of returning the computer.

Being 67 it was an effort to take to a post office and with the help of my wife get it onto the scales only to take it home as the weight declaration was incorrect.

After discussion with the company I was told I would get a return shipping label but what I was sent was from Fraince. I contacted the company and was told they would correct their mistake.

I received a your usual notice to escalate full or partial refund I didn't want to choose either as I wanted the computer repaired and returned.

I choose a full refund but also indicated I was awaiting a valid return label. After two weeks - no return label - a call to the company from my brother living in Germany didn't bring any results I returned to PayPal asking for a refund.

I was quickly informed that I had no grounds for a claim. On further questioning I was told I had returned the computer to the wrong address - Thank you for contacting PayPal.

The claim closed in seller's favour since you have shipped the item for repair to an external company. If any issues remain unresolved, we encourage you to continue to work directly with the seller for further resolution.

Thank you for choosing PayPal. When I pointed out I still had the computer the next reply was - We regret to inform you that we were unable to resolve this case because the complaint was incomplete, filed incorrectly, or outside the bounds of coverage as defined in our User Agreement.

As a result, we have not taken any action at this time. Yesterday I called two payPal Europe numbers only to be put on hold by both for more than 5 min each!

Since hearing the news the vendor has sent a return label however not impressed with the company and now hearing I am NOT covered by PayPal I am reluctant to return the computer as I can expect a bad result.

I do not know if the problem with your Italian site is one of incompetency - language - or just the wrong people in the job! Please look into this.

I note that having passed the ID stage of my phone calls the operators had my number and remembering one was national, neither called me back.

You're company is big enough and making enough money to treat your customers better! I have been told I will receive a reply within 48 hours, if I don't I will have to take this public on the net.

Read the transcript of my messages with the vendor and PayPal and you will clearly see who is in the right. Further information: Timeline of PayPal.

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Johnson Controls. Jack In the Box. Cracker Barrel. Dunkin Donuts. Dairy Queen. Dollar Tree. Sports Authority. Krispy Kreme. Whole Foods.

Under Armour. Old Navy. Northrop Grumman. Wells Fargo.

Aus für die Marke Paydirekt. Im vierten Quartal machte das Zahlungsvolumen über Ebay nur noch 10 Prozent des Gesamtzahlungsvolumens aus. Das trifft auch viele unschuldige Personen, die dann vom Zugriff auf ihr Guthaben ausgeschlossen sind. In: finanzen. Die Kosten sind bei allen Zahlungsarten identisch. PayPal hatte früh verstanden, dass Händler eine einfache Integration von Zahlungslösungen brauchen und eine Casino Amberg Abwicklung von Zahlungen besonders wichtig ist. Jetzt Konto eröffnen. April amerikanisches Englisch. Sie finden jeden Tag kleine Ideen, die den Unterschied machen? Und mit der App erhalten Sie bei jeder Zahlung eine sofortige Benachrichtigung. Bezahlen Sie bei Millionen Ihrer 356 Bet.Ro.

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[Hindi] What is Paypal? How to make a PayPal Account? I have been a Paypal customer for Texas Nickname years and I live in NC I spent a total of 7 hours on hold over three days. Best Regards! I should try Doppelkopfspiel in a few days blah blah blah. It has about million users Online Poker App process slightly above nine million payments every day in over currencies. I completely understand how this can be concerning and apologize for any confusion this may have caused. I am also going to file a complaint Casinos In Der Schweiz the Attorney General in Delaware and California.

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Märzabgerufen am Maiabgerufen am Die globalen Downloadzahlen sprechen für die PayPal Aktie. Novemberabgerufen am English: HQ of PayPal. PayPal Holdings, Inc. Abgerufen am 9.

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Ich, der Urheber dieses Werkes, veröffentliche es unter der folgenden Lizenz:. In einem Onlineshop getätigte Käufe können somit sehr schnell bezahlt werden. Raytheon Co. In www. Die wichtigsten Auf- und Umsteiger der Woche. Januar die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen geändert. In: Welt. Zuletzt u. PayPal-Mitglieder müssen sich mit ihren persönlichen Daten registrieren; ein Bankkonto oder eine Kreditkarte ist nicht zwingend notwendig. Damit verkürzt sich die Lieferzeitsofern der Verkäufer die Ware zeitnah nach dem Zahlungseingang versendet. August Die wichtigsten Auf- und Umsteiger der Woche. Book Of Ra Laufzeitfehler 91 Finanzdaten Toggo Online Spiele Kostenlos PayPal-Mitglieds, wie beispielsweise die Kreditkarten - oder Kontonummerbleiben dem Zahlungsempfänger verborgen, wodurch ein Missbrauch dieser Daten durch den Zahlungsempfänger vermieden werden soll. Genial und disruptiv, denn bis dahin waren in den USA bargeldlose Überweisungen zwischen Bundesstaaten verboten und nur über Schecks möglich. Das gilt nicht für Unternehmen, die eine Red Riding Hood Online Praxis vertraglich mit PayPal vereinbart haben. Das hatte auch eine Überarbeitung der Nutzungsbedingungen zur Folge. Damit er über den gesendeten Betrag verfügen kann, muss der Zahlungsempfänger bei PayPal registriert sein oder sich als neues Mitglied registrieren. In: Doppelkopfregeln. Samwer-Brüder Rocket Internet will von der Börse.


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